Production Opportunities

By October 15, 2017Conception, Pre-Production, Sway Blog

weekendtoremember_thumbWhen you hire a video production crew, you have the opportunity to show people what you do, not just tell them what you do.

To make the most of your video investment, it is important to create a list of production opportunities.

A “production opportunity” is anything that will help tell your story visually – any action, anything that moves.

Before you reach out to a video company, ask yourself…

  1. What production opportunities exist at your organization or event?
  2. What “action” will help tell your organization’s story?

These are some of our favorite “action” sequences that we’ve had the opportunity to film:

–       Operating machinery

–       Running tests in a lab

–       Riding in a helicopter

–       Target shooting

–       Skydiving

–       Performing in front of large audiences

–       The processes of making a product, from weld to assembly

–       Cooking gourmet food

–       Filming a team running through the tunnel onto the field

–       Extinguishing a fire

NursingThumbnailWithout filming any particular “action,” videos would only consist of people talking in chairs and on couches. Filming your team “doing” the work instead of “talking about doing the work” not only makes your videos more engaging. It gives people another reason to trust your message. Saying is one thing. Doing is another.

If you have limited production opportunities, here are some generic opportunities that may give your video interviews a little more variety:


–       Making a telephone call

–       Making a presentation to a small team in a conference room

–       Receiving a package at your front door

–       Setting up a product

–       Demonstrating how a product is used

–       Driving a car

–       Working on a smart device

–       Waking up and turning off the alarm clock

–       Taking a payment from a customer

–       Going to the gym, shooting a basketball, lifting a weight, doing yoga, riding a bike

As our team learns more and more about your company and the message you are trying to communicate, we will help you develop a list of production opportunities that may not be immediately apparent. We urge you to make the most of your investment by giving us access to film the most impactful work your companies does. Show the world the difference you make.

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