The Rule of One

By October 23, 2017Conception, Pre-Production, Sway Blog

RuleofOne_edited-01A good story is designed so that it is easy to tell – at the dinner table, in the hallway at work, at the bar, or while hanging out with friends. A good story has a conflict, a resolution, and one strong takeaway that is easy to remember.

When writing a script for a marketing video, it can be tempting to share all the cool features your product provides. However, beware of sharing too much information too fast. Whatever story you’re telling, make it easy for your audience to share and to talk about.

In order to produce the most effective video advertisements, our screenwriters follow the Rule of One. The Rule of One helps our creative team craft a story that clearly communicates your message and makes a strong impression on the intended audience.

Before developing your video concept, you should first decide on…

(1)    One target audience

Who is your primary target audience? Are they customers, shareholders, investors, new hires, or the local community and press? Where will they be when they watch the video – at home, at work, on public transportation? How old are they? What are their interests? Where do they work? What kind of values do they have? Understanding your target audience will allow our creative team to determine a voice and perspective for your video as we create a cast of characters.

(2)    One problem

What is the one problem your service, product or organization attempts to solve? Even if your product or organization solves many problems, try to identify the one problem that your audience would want to solve most.

(3)    One solution your product or organization provides.

You may offer a variety of services or products. For the sake of a strong message, focus on one solution. It should solve the one problem you identified.

(4)    One call-to-action

People should know exactly what to do after watching your video. Should they go to your website? Should they click the link to buy your product? Should they donate? Should they share the video to spread awareness? Or should they simply learn more by visiting your site? Give them your information and a reason to contact you.

If you are tempted to exceed the “Rule of One,” think of all the other ways that you can communicate that extra information. If you serve many types of customers, you could plan a second campaign with that target audience in mind. If you want to share more product features, consider publishing a landing page with more information about those features and benefits.

Above all, we want your story, and your brand, to be memorable.

You’re investing a lot of time and money in producing great video content. The people who watch your video are inundated with information every minute of every day. At the end of the day, what will they remember? Design a strong story, make it easy for people to share with others, and they will remember you.

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