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Brian Grady, Producer - Our Team, Sway the CrowdBrian Grady | Founder, Producer
Brian is a storyteller. As a journalist, a documentarian and an entrepreneur, he devotes himself to promoting clients who build community.

WOUB, Fox Sports Ohio, The Athens News and Akron News Now are only a few news organizations he’s served. He was also awarded the Ohio Public Images “Award of Excellence” for Sway the Crowd LLC’s work promoting the achievements of people with disabilities.

Beyond having video production skills, Brian knows how to communicate your brand. He’s a mover, a doer, with commitment to deadlines and excellence. Brian enjoys making breakfast – pancakes, eggs, and bacon. Mostly bacon.


Ryam Nord, Director of Operations - Our Team, Sway the CrowdRyan Nord | Director of Operations
Ryan is an award-winning cinematographer and editor from Akron, Ohio.┬áHe’s filmed concerts, weddings, commercials and documentaries. He’s traveled the country on projects, ranging from Nashville to Austin and beyond. He’s the go-to videographer and editor for The Alive Festival in central Ohio, and he’s experienced in both narrative filmmaking and commercial videography. Ryan brings the confidence and flexibility needed to capture the story of any event.

At Ohio University, Ryan worked with the university’s Promise national television campaign, and served as a videographer and graphics animation artist for WOUB Public Media. He’s a fantastic cook, in that he can make spaghetti. Plus garlic bread. Don’t hold back your enthusiasm.


Conner Childers, Creative Director - Our Team, Sway the CrowdConner Childers | Creative Director
Conner is a filmmaker and graphic artist from Akron, Ohio. His work serves clients of every caliber, and his excitement for every project is infectious! His work with music festivals, TedX, and documentaries proves his ability to expect the unexpected.

At Kent State, Conner worked with TV2 Teleproductions, the university’s media production group. He lights, designs, operates Steadicam, and engineers custom solutions for our camera systems. Also, he makes a mean ham sandwich. Don’t forget the Dijon.



Dan_Hildebrand, Visual Effects - Our Team, Sway the Crowd Dan Hildebrand | Animation and Special Effects
Dan never stops honing his skills in Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro, and other 3D animation programs (namely Cinema 4D). He has worked on several independent films, nonprofit animations, and enjoys recreating complex sequences from his favorite shows and films.

Dan takes inspiration from the best and applies it to your project.

When he’s not working at the computer, Dan is on set making sure the shot is set up perfectly to save time and money in post-production. Dan enjoys biking and walking up tall mountains. He sees lens flares everywhere, due to the viewing of many JJ Abrams films. An ardent fan of Seinfeld, he can be heard yelling “Serenity Now!” in his sleep. Giddy-up!

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